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Upgrade the chill factor of your Rabbit Air purifier with Essence, an essential oil diffuser attachment that infuses your home with relaxing aromas. Sit back and enjoy the clean, crisp air with this winning combination. Indulge with a complimentary sample from Florihana, a French essential oil distillery that uses 100 percent pure, natural ingredients.


What’s included :

  • Essence ( stainless steel diffuser )
  • Felts ( 3 pieces )
  • Complimentary essential oil ( 1 bottle / 5 mL )
  • Pouch

Step by step instruction with illustrations:

  1. Open diffuser by lifting the cap and insert felt.
    Insert felt into diffuser
  2. Apply 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil onto felt and close the cap.
    Add essential oil onto felt
  3. Clip diffuser to the outlet as illustrated.
    Clip diffuser to the BioGS 2.0 outletClip diffuser to the MinusA2 outlet
  4. Always remove the diffuser from the outlet before adding more essential oil.

For a bolder fragrance, we recommend operating at a higher speed and adding more oil.



  1. Wipe down or wash the diffuser as necessary
  2. Replace felt every 3-6 months or when using a different essential oil.


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